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Hurricane Harvey Clean-Up – Fill Up a Bucket!

Orphan Grain Train is collecting cleaning supplies in five gallon buckets to send down to Texas to help with their clean-up. Your help is needed to fill buckets.

Items Needed:

Hurricane cleanup

Chlorine Bleach (Clorox or equivalent) in gallons

Liquid Cleaner (Pine Sol or equivalent) large bottle

Powder Cleaner (Comet or equivalent)

Window Cleaner (Windex or equivalent) spray bottle

Scrub Brush, good bristle

Large Sponge

Latex Gloves

Straw Broom (sturdy & good size)

Mop (durable rag style)

Paper towels

The local collection point is at Trinity Lutheran Church in Darmstadt and will continue through September 25. Funds will also be collected and forwarded to appropriate agencies or used to buy supplies. If you have any questions please call Jim Kahre at 812-867-2046.  Application is being made to Thrivent Financial to provide funds to purchase buckets.

If you would like to give monetary donations, our District President Dan May recommends the following:

  1. Send monies directly to the Texas District
  2. Send monies to Synod for distribution