Daily Devotions

Daily Meditation on the New Testament – Week 27 (July 3-9)

SundayEphesians 2     LSB 573 – Lord, ‘Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee 

1. What was our former condition prior to conversion? v. 1-3

2. What did God do even when we were dead in our trespasses? v. 4-7

3. How did God save us and why? v. 8-10

4. What is our faith built upon? v. 19-22

MondayLuke 24:28-53               LSB 476 – Who Are You Who Walk in Sorrow

1. How did the two disciples finally recognize Jesus? v. 28-32

2. How did Jesus give proof to His disciples that He was no ghost? v. 36-43

3. What did Jesus say must be fulfilled in the Scriptures? v. 44-47

4. What did Jesus do as He ascended into heaven? v. 50-53

TuesdayJohn 1:1-28                    LSB 545 – Word of God, Come Down on Earth

1. Who is the Word who is with God, is God, and became flesh? v. 1-5, 14

2. Who was John the Baptist? v. 6-7, 19-28 (Isaiah 40:3)

3. How do people become children of God? v. 12-13

4. Though no one has ever seen God, how did people see God in the O.T.? v. 18

WednesdayJohn 1:29-51          LSB 438 – A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth

1. What did John testify of Jesus? v. 29-34

2. How does Jesus baptize with the Holy Spirit? v. 33

3. After spending a day with Jesus, what did Andrew tell Peter? v. 35-42

4. What is heaven open & angels ascending on the Son of God a reference to?

ThursdayJohn 2            LSB 408 – Come, Join in Cana’s Feast

1. How does Mary show her faith and proper place as Jesus’ mother? v. 3-5

2. When does Jesus next call His mother “woman?” (John 19:26-27) v. 4

3. How does Jesus first manifest His glory to His disciples? v. 6-11

4. What sign does Jesus give the Jews for His authority to cleanse the temple?

FridayJohn 3:1-15        LSB 603 – We Know That Christ Is Raised

1. How did Nicodemus know that Jesus was a teacher come from God? v. 1-2

2. What does Jesus mean about being born of water & the Spirit? v. 3-8

3. What does Jesus imply about His ascending & descending from heaven? v.13

4. How was Moses raising up the bronze serpent a type of Christ? v. 14

SaturdayEphesians 3                  LSB 683 – Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me

1. What is one of the mysteries revealed in the Gospel? v. 1-6

2. What did God make Paul a minister to do? v. 7-10

3. What is Paul’s prayer for the saints? v. 14-19

4. What is God able to do? v. 20

This week, memorize & meditate on The Conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer

Answers to Daily Meditation on the New Testament – Week 27 (July 3-9)

SundayEphesians 2

1. Spiritually dead in sin, following the devil, and under God’s wrath.

2. By His mercy and grace, God made us alive in Christ and saved us eternally.

3. Not by our works but by grace through faith in Christ so we do good works.

4. The foundation of the apostles & prophets with Christ as the cornerstone.

MondayLuke 24:28-53

1. After He opened the Scriptures to them & broke bread (Word & Sacrament).

2. He let them see & touch His body and ate food in their presence.

3. That the Christ must suffer and rise from the dead and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all nations.

4. He blessed His disciples who worshipped Him there and later in the temple.

TuesdayJohn 1:1-28

1. Jesus Christ who is with the Father in the Trinity and who is God made man.

2. The one prophesied, who would give witness to Christ & prepare His way.

3. They’re born not of the flesh or will of man but born of God by belief in Christ.

4. They saw the Son of God (theophany) who people also saw in Jesus in the NT

WednesdayJohn 1:29-51

1. That Jesus was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, that He was anointed with the Holy Spirit, and that He is the Son of God.

2. In the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit.

3. “We have found the Messiah” (which means Christ or the Anointed One)

4. Jacob’s ladder (Genesis 28:12).  Jesus is our stairway to heaven.

ThursdayJohn 2

1. She alerts Jesus to the wine shortage and tells the servants to obey Him.

2. At the cross when He gives His mother into the care of John.

3. He blesses marriage by His gift of turning water into wine for the couple.

4. He would destroy the true temple & raise it in 3 days, meaning His body.

FridayJohn 3:1-15

1. Because of all the miraculous signs He was doing, similar to the prophets.

2. Holy Baptism, where the Holy Spirit gives birth to a new spirit in us.

3. That as God and man, He exists both in heaven with the Father and on earth.

4. All who were poisoned by the bite of sin could look to Jesus and be saved.

SaturdayEphesians 3

1. That the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the body of Christ.

2. To preach to the Gentiles the riches of Christ and bring to light the Gospel.

3. That God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit dwell in our inner being and hearts.

4. Far more abundantly than all we ask or think through faith in Christ.

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