Daily Devotions

Daily Meditation on the New Testament – Week 49 (December 4-10)

SundayHebrews 12                     LSB 449 – O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

1. Who do we look to as we run the race of life? v. 1-2

2. Though God does not punish us, why does He discipline us? v. 5-11

3. What mount do we come to instead of Mt. Sinai, law, & judgment? v. 18-24

4. How do we show our gratefulness for receiving God’s kingdom? v. 28

MondayRevelation 18               LSB 516 – Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying

1. What does the city of Babylon and its fall represent? v. 1-2

2. Why are God’s people commanded to come out of Babylon? v. 4-8

3. How is the fall of Babylon described? v. 21

4. What was found in Babylon? v. 24

TuesdayRevelation 19                LSB 525 – Crown Him with Many Crowns

1. Why do the saints and angels in heaven worship and praise God? v. 1-5

2. Why else does the multitude of heaven worship and praise God? v. 6-9

3. Who is the crowned rider on the white horse who is King of Kings? v. 11-16

4. By Christ’s victory, what is the result of the battle? v. 17-21

WednesdayRevelation 20        LSB 676 – Behold a Host, Arrayed in White

1. What are the 1000 years and what happens during that time? v. 1-5

2. What is the first resurrection and the second resurrection? v. 5-6

3. What is the first death and the second death? v. 6, 14

4. On Judgement Day, who is thrown into the lake of fire forever? v. 10, 14-15

ThursdayRevelation 21              LSB 673 – Jerusalem, My Happy Home

1. What is heaven and what is not in heaven? v. 3-4

2. Who is the Bride and wife of the Lamb, Jesus Christ? v. 2, 9-11

3. Who in heaven takes the place of the Temple and the Sun? v. 22-22-23

4. Who will enter heaven? v. 27

FridayRevelation 22                    LSB 561 – The Tree of Life

1. In heaven, what is growing on either side of the River of Life? v. 1-2

2. Instead of worshipping the angel, what does the angel tell John to do? v.8-9

3. What aren’t we to do with the words of the prophecy of God’s book? v18-19

4. When is Jesus coming again? v. 7, 12, 20

SaturdayHebrews 13                  LSB 902 – Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now

1. How can we show brotherly love? v. 1-2

2. Instead of loving money, how should we be and why? v. 5-6

3. Instead of following different teachings, what should we do? v. 7-9

4. Instead of an animal sacrifice, what sacrifice do we offer God? v. 15-16

This week meditate on Christian Questions with Their Answers 1-7

Answers to Daily Meditation on the New Testament – Week 49 (December 4-10)

SundayHebrews 12

1. To Jesus, the founder & perfector of our faith, who endured the cross for us.

2. God disciplines us for our good because He loves us like a father loves a son.

3. Through Jesus’ blood, we come to Mt. Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem.

4. In faith, we offer God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.

MondayRevelation 18

1. The fall of idolatrous Rome & other sinful cities that persecuted God’s Church

2. So we do not take part in her sins and be judged for her crimes.

3. Like a mighty angel throwing a great millstone into the sea.

4. The blood of prophets and saints and all who have been slain on earth.

TuesdayRevelation 19

1. For judging the prostitute Babylon and avenging the blood of God’s servants.

2. Because of the marriage between Christ and His bride the Church.

3. Christ the Lord who is the Word of God & who commands the host of heaven.

4. Those who received the mark of the beast are slain.  The beast and false prophet are thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur.

WednesdayRevelation 20

1. It is the long period of time beginning with Christ’s victorious resurrection when the devil is bound and the Gospel brings many to spiritual life.

2. 1st – resurrection of the spirit at conversion.  2nd – resurrection of the body.

3. 1st – physical death of body. 2nd eternal death of body and spirit.

4. The devil, death & hell, and those whose names were not in the Book of Life.

ThursdayRevelation 21

1. Dwelling with God.  Death, mourning, crying, or pain.

2. The holy city Jerusalem in heaven and the saints who inhabit it.

3. The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb.  The glory of God and the Lamb.

4. No one unclean or false, but only those whose names are in the Book of Life.

FridayRevelation 22

1. The Tree of Life with its fruit and leaves for the healing of the nations.

2. Worship God.

3. Add to it or take away from it.

4. Surely, He is coming soon!

SaturdayHebrews 13

1. By showing hospitality like Abraham showed to the Lord and two angels.

2. We should be content with what God gives us for He will never leave us.

3. Imitate the faith of our true leaders who preach Christ who never changes.

4. A sacrifice of praise to God and the fruit of faith which does good & shares.

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