Daily Devotions

Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 42 (October 17-23)

SundayProverbs 28     LSB 602 – The Gifts Christ Freely Gives

1. What is the advantage of having a man of wisdom in office? v. 2

2. What’s different between those who forsake the law & those who don’t? v.4

3. What happens when one gathers wealth for himself? v. 8 (Luke 12:15-20)

4. Instead of concealing transgressions, what should we do? v. 13

Mon 2 Kings 7     LSB 895 – Now Thank We All Our God

1. What does Elisha prophesy concerning the siege and resulting famine? v. 1

2. Why did the Syrians end their siege of Samaria and flee? v. 5-7

3. Instead of plundering spoils for themselves, what do the lepers do? v. 8-10

4. What happened to the captain who disbelieved Elisha’s prophecy? v. 17-20

Tuesday2 Kings 9      LSB 905 – Come, Thou Almighty King

1. What does the prophet anoint the Commander Jehu to be and do? v. 1-10

2. What does Jehu do to Joram, king of Israel and son of Ahab? v. 21-26

3. What does Jehu do to Jezebel, queen of Israel and wife of Ahab? v. 30-33

4. What happens to Jezebel’s body? v. 34-37

Wednesday2 Kings 11                    LSB 370 – What Child Is This

1. What does Athaliah do after Jehu assassinates her son king Ahaziah? v. 1

2. What does Jehosheba, daughter of Joram and sister of Ahaziah, do? v. 2-3

3. What does the faithful priest Jehoiada do in the seventh year? v. 4-12

4. What happens to Athaliah, the house of Baal, and its priest? v. 15-18

Thursday2 Kings 12  LSB 783 – Take My Life and Let It Be

1. Why does king Jehoash (Joash) do what is right in the eyes of the LORD? v. 2

2. What does king Jehoash command the priests? v. 4-5

3. When the priests fail to repair the temple, what does Jehoash do? v. 6-15

4. What does Jehoash do to keep the king of Syria from attacking? v. 17-18

Friday2 Kings 14           LSB 920 – Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go

1. How was king Amaziah of Judah like and not like his forefathers? v. 3

2. How did king Amaziah show proper justice? v. 5-6

3. What are the consequences of Amaziah seeking war against Israel? v. 8-14

4. What prophet prophesied in the reign of Jeroboam II, king of Israel? v. 25

SaturdayEzekiel 34      LSB 709 – The King of Love My Shepherd Is

1. What does God say to His people’s shepherds who feed themselves? v. 1-10

2. Who will shepherd God’s people instead? v. 11-16

3. Besides judging the shepherds, whom else does God judge? v. 17-22

4. Who is the servant David whom the LORD will put over His flock? v. 23-24 This week, memorize & meditate on Who receives this sacrament worthily?

Answers to Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 42 (October 17-23)

SundayProverbs 28

1. Instead of rapid turnover of rulers, there is long standing stability for the land

2. The forsakers praise the wicked, but the righteous strive against them.

3. The wealth ends up going to one who will be generous to those in need.

4. Confess and forsake our sins and receive God’s mercy through Christ.

Monday2 Kings 7

1. On the next day there would be an abundance of food sold at cheap prices.

2. The LORD made them hear the sound of a great army so they fled their camp.

3. They reported the good news to the king so that all might share the blessing.

4. He did not share the blessing of food but was trampled at the city gate.

Tuesday2 Kings 9

1. He anoints Jehu to be king over Israel to judge Ahab’s house and kill Jezebel.

2. Jehu assassinates Joram & dumps his body on the plot of Naboth’s vineyard.

3. He commands servants to throw her out a window, and horses trample her.

4. As the prophet prophesied, her corpse was eaten by dogs.

Wednesday2 Kings 11               

1. Athaliah destroyed all the royal family so that she could reign over Judah.

2. Jehosheba hides Ahaziah’s son, Joash, from the evil queen for six years.

3. He protected Joash and crowned him as the rightful king in the temple.

4. The people kill Athaliah and the priest of Baal and destroy Baal’s house.

Thursday2 Kings 12    

1. Because Jehoiada the priest of God instructed him.

2. That they use the people’s contributions to repair the house of the LORD.

3. He commands that the high priest and the king’s secretary give the money to skilled workmen who make the repairs on the house of the LORD.

4. Jehoash pays tribute to Syria from the treasuries of his house and the temple.

Friday2 Kings 14

1. He did what was right in God’s sight like his father but not as well as David.

2. He executed his father’s assassins but not their children.

3. Israel defeats Judah & confiscates the treasures in the temple & king’s house.

4. The prophet Jonah, son of Amittai, who also preached to the Ninevites.

SaturdayEzekiel 34

1. Because they scatter the flock, God will judge and remove them as shepherds

2. God will be their shepherd and seek, rescue, gather, feed, and heal them.

3. God judges between the fat and mean sheep and the lean and week sheep.

4. The Lord Jesus Christ who is the Good Shepherd. (John 10:11-15)

Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 41 (October 10-16)

SundayProverbs 25     LSB 700 – Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

1. What do Solomon & Jesus say about taking a high seat? v. 6-7 (Luke 14:7-11)

2. What do Solomon & Jesus say about going to court? v. 8-10 (Luke 12:58)

3. What do Solomon and Paul advise about our enemies? v. 21-22 (Rom. 12:20)

4. What is worse than living in a corner of the housetop? v. 24

Mon 2 Kings 1     LSB 545 – Word of God, Come Down on Earth

1. To whom did Ahaziah, king of Israel, inquire about his health? v. 2

2. What does Elijah tell the king’s messengers, and how is he dressed? v. 3-8

3. What happens when the king’s men command Elijah to come? v. 9-12

4. What happens when the captain humbles himself & pleas to Elijah? v. 13-17

Tuesday2 Kings 2      LSB 492 – On Christ’s Ascension I Now Build

1. What does Elisha request of Elijah before he is taken to heaven? v. 9-10

2. How is Elijah taken to heaven? v. 11-12

3. What signs does Elisha do to show the Holy Spirit rests upon him? v14,19-22

4. What happens when the small boys mock Elisha for being bald? v. 23-24

Wednesday2 Kings 4      LSB 848 – Lord, Whose Love through Humble Service

1. How does Elisha rescue a widow and her two sons from slavery? v. 1-7

2. How is the Shunammite woman blessed for her hospitality to Elisha? v. 8-17

3. How does Elisha show mercy to the woman when her son dies? v. 18-37

4. What other signs does Elisha do to show he is a prophet of God? v. 38-44

Thursday2 Kings 5  LSB 604 – I Bind unto Myself Today

1. What does the Israelite servant girl tell her Syrian master Naaman? v. 2-4

2. How is Naaman’s washing in the Jordan River like Holy Baptism? v. 10-14

3. How does Naaman change after his baptism in the Jordan? v. 15-19

4. What happened because of Gehazi’s covetousness and deceit? v. 20-27

Friday2 Kings 6             LSB 717 – Eternal Father, Strong to Save

1. Why does the king of Syria seek to seize Elisha? v. 8-14

2. What does Elisha show his servant when surrounded by the Syrians? v. 17

3. How does the LORD deliver the enemies of Israel into their hands? v. 18-23

4. Whom does the king of Israel blame for the Syrian siege and famine? v24-33

SaturdayEzekiel 33      LSB 614 – “As Surely as I Live,” God Said

1. What would happen if Ezekiel failed to warn the wicked to repent? v. 7-8

2. What would happen if Ezekiel warned the wicked who did not repent? v. 9

3. “As surely as I live,” God says what of those who repent? v. 11

4. “As surely as I live,” God says what of those who do not repent? v. 27

This week, memorize How can bodily eating and drinking do such great things?

Answers to Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 41 (October 10-16)

SundayProverbs 25

1. Humble yourself with a lower seat so you may be invited up and exalted.

2. Don’t hastily go to court but settle matters privately with your neighbor.

3. If you enemy is hungry & thirsty, give him food & drink to bring him to repent.

4. Sharing a house with a quarrelsome wife, whom Solomon foolishly wed 100’s

Monday2 Kings 1

1. Not the LORD, but Baal-zebub (Lord of a fly), a god of the Philistine city Ekron.

2. Since you worship a false god, you will die.  Garment of hair, leather belt.

3. God twice sent fire down from heaven to consume the captain & his 50 men.

4. Elijah goes with him to deliver his message personally, and the king dies.

Tuesday2 Kings 2

1. Elisha asks for a double portion of the Holy Spirit to rest upon him.

2. Not by dying and rising, but by ascending directly to heaven in angel chariots.

3. He parts the Jordan with Elijah’s cloak and heals a spring with a bowl of salt.

4. Elisha curses them in the LORD’s name, and two bears maul 42 of them.

Wednesday2 Kings 4 

1. God multiplies the oil from her jar to fill many vessels, sold to pay her debts.

2. Since she has no son and her husband is old, God gives her a son.

3. Elisha travels to her home, and God raises her son from the dead.

4. He cleanses a pot of stew of poison and multiplies 20 loaves to feed 100 men.

Thursday2 Kings 5      

1. That the prophet Elisha in Samaria would cure Naaman of his leprosy.

2. Like God washed Naaman’s leprosy away so He washes our sins away.

3. He confesses the God of Israel, worships Him, and seeks His pardon.

4. God afflicted Gehazi with leprosy like Naaman had.

Friday2 Kings 6

1. Because Elisha could foresee & warn the king of Israel about his movements.

2. God opens his eyes to see the invisible heavenly host protecting them.

3. God strikes them blind, and Elisha leads them into the capital of Israel.

4. The LORD and his prophet Elisha whom he vows to decapitate.

SaturdayEzekiel 33

1. The wicked would die for his iniquity, but God would blame Ezekiel.

2. The wicked would die for his iniquity, but God would deliver Ezekiel’s soul.

3. “I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live.”

4. They will fall by the sword, be devoured by beasts, and die of pestilence.  The LORD will make their land a desolation of waste because of their abominations.

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