Daily Devotions

Daily Meditation on the New Testament – Week 3 (January 16 – January 22)

SundayRomans 4         LSB 567 – Not What These Hands Have Done      

1. What did Abraham believe about God? v. 3 (Genesis 12:1-3, 15:5-6)

2. Why did God count sinful and ungodly Abraham as righteous? v. 3-8

3. Does God’s salvation promise come through the Law or the Gospel? v. 13-16

4. What do we believe that counts us righteous before God? v. 23-25

MondayMatthew 7:1-14          LSB 712 – Seek Ye First

1. Instead of judging and condemning others, what should we do first? v. 1-6

2. What does God promise when we ask Him in prayer? v. 7-8

3. If we sinners give good gifts to our children, what can we say of God? v. 9-11

4. Will more people pass through the gates of hell or heaven? v. 13-14

TuesdayMatthew 7:15-27        LSB 576 – My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

1. God knows the heart, but how can we know a false vs true prophet? v.15-20

2. What happens to false prophets who speaks & do miracles in God’s name?

3. What is the difference between a wise and foolish man? v. 24-27

4. Why were the people amazed at Jesus’ teaching? v. 28-29

WednesdayMatthew 8:1-17   LSB 846 – Your Hand, O Lord, in Days of Old

1. How does Jesus respond to the leper’s faith in Jesus to heal? v. 1-4

2. How does the centurion show great faith in Jesus to heal? v. 5-9

3. How does Jesus distinguish between the Gentiles and the Jews? v. 10-12

4. What happened to all the diseases of the people whom Jesus healed?v14-17

ThursdayMatthew 8:18-34      LSB 715 – Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me

1. What is sometimes the cost of following Jesus? v. 18-22

2. How does Jesus show His human and divine natures? v. 23-27

3. What do the demons confess about Jesus and what do they fear? v. 28-29

4. How are the unbelieving people of the Gadarenes like the demons? v. 30-34

FridayMatthew 9:1-17               LSB 609 – Jesus Sinners Doth Receive

1. What is the first thing Jesus does to heal the paralytic? v. 1-2

2. How does Jesus prove He has the authority to forgive sins?

3. Why is it appropriate for Jesus to spend so much time with sinners? v. 9-13

4. What is the new unshrunk cloth & new wine of which Jesus speaks? v. 16-17

SaturdayRomans 5      LSB 562 – All Mankind Fell in Adam’s Fall

1. After being God’s enemies, why do we now have peace with God? v. 1

2. Did Jesus die for righteous people who were good enough for God? v. 6-11

3. How did sin enter the world through one man and kill all men? v. 12-14

4. How did justification and life come to all men through one man? 15-21

For this week, memorize and meditate on the Second Article and its meaning

Answers to Daily Meditation on the New Testament – Week 3 (January 16 – January 22)

SundayRomans 4

1. He believed God’s promise to give him many descendants who would inherit the Promised Land of Canaan and that the Messiah would descend from him.

2. Not because of his works but because of his faith in God’s promises.

3. The Law brings God’s wrath but faith in the Gospel brings God’s grace.

4. We believe in Christ who died for our sins and rose for our justification.

MondayMatthew 7:1-14

1. Repent of our sin and receive forgiveness so we may lead others to repent.

2. God promises to give us what is good for us: forgiveness, faith, daily bread

3. Our loving Father who is holy will certainly give good gifts to us His children.

4. Many pass through the gates of hell but few enter heaven through Jesus.

TuesdayMatthew 7:15-27

1. A false prophet bears bad fruit, but a true prophet bears good fruit.

2. On Judgement Day they will depart to hell because they didn’t do God’s will.

3. The wise hear God’s Word, do it, and stand firm, but the foolish do not.

4. Because Jesus taught with authority and not like their scribes.

WednesdayMatthew 8:1-17

1. Jesus heals him and sends him to the Temple to fulfill the ceremonial law.

2. He believes that Jesus can heal his servant by His word without being present

3. Believing Gentiles will dine in heaven, but unbelieving Jews will suffer in hell.

4. Jesus took them all, bore them to the cross, and died with them upon Him.

ThursdayMatthew 8:18-34

1. Leaving the comforts of home and family.

2. Jesus wearily sleeps in a boat during a storm and awakes to calm His creation.

3. Jesus is the Son of God who will judge & cast them into hell on the Last Day.

4. Afraid of Jesus’ power, they both begged Him to depart from them.

FridayMatthew 9:1-17

1. Jesus encourages him by forgiving his sins.

2. Jesus can do what appears to be the harder thing by making the man walk.

3. Like a good doctor, Jesus invests His time with those who want to be healed.

4. The Gospel tears and bursts the old traditions of fasting and table fellowship.

SaturdayRomans 5

1. We have been justified through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. No, while we were ungodly sinners, Christ died and reconciled us to God.

3. Adam’s original sin in the Garden was passed to all men in their sinful nature.

4. Jesus’ act of righteousness on the cross makes righteous and gives life to all who believe in Him and receive His grace.

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