Daily Devotions

Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 31 (August 1-7)

SundayPsalm 147        LSB 795 – Voices Raised to You We Offer

1. What was the occasion for this 2nd of 5 hallelujah “praise the LORD” psalms?

2. Besides rebuilding Jerusalem, what else does the LORD do? v. 2-6

3. God gives food to make the body strong, but what does He delight in? v. 11

4. What blessing do God’s people have that is greater than all else? v. 19-20

Mon 1 Samuel 7     LSB 334 – O Lord, How Shall I Meet You

1. Why did the ark reside outside the Tabernacle for 20 years? v. 6:19-7:2

2. What did Samuel exhort the people to do to receive God’s deliverance? v. 3

3. How do the people respond to Samuel’s call for repentance? v. 4-9

4. How did God respond to their repentance & Samuel’s intercession? v. 10-14

Tuesday1 Samuel 8      LSB 804 – O Worship the King

1. Why did the people ask Samuel to appoint a king over them? v. 1-5

2. Why did the people’s request displease Samuel and the LORD? v. 6-9

3. What did Samuel warn that a king would do to them? v. 10-17

4. How did the people respond to Samuel’s warning? v. 19-20

Wednesday1 Samuel 9                  LSB 446 – Jesus, Greatest at the Table

1. How is Saul described? v. 1-2, 21

2. How did the LORD bring Saul to Samuel? v. 3-14

3. What did the LORD chose Saul to be and do for the Israelites? v. 16-17

4. How does Samuel give Saul special honor? v. 19-24

Thursday1 Samuel 10                 LSB 525 – Crown Him with Many Crowns

1. What was the rite to show the LORD had chosen Saul as king? v. 1

2. What was a sign that showed the LORD had chosen Saul as king? v. 5-13

3. What did the people reveal on the day of Saul’s coronation? v. 18-19

4. How was Saul reluctant to become king & how did God help him? v. 22, 26

Friday1 Samuel 11       LSB 503 – O Day Full of Grace

1. How did the Ammonites threaten the Israelites of Jabesh-gilead? v. 1-2

2. Why was Saul emboldened to muster the Israelites in battle? v. 5-6

3. How did the LORD establish the kingship under Saul? v. 7-11

4. How did Saul show mercy upon those who rejected him as king? v. 12-13

SaturdayJeremiah 33                 LSB 359 – Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming

1. What does the LORD prophesy of Jerusalem because of their evil? v. 4-5

2. What does the LORD prophesy of Jerusalem because of His mercy? v. 6-13

3. Who is the righteous branch and what will His people be called? v. 14-16

4. What is as certain as God’s covenant that day will follow night? v. 17-26

This week, memorize & meditate on The Fourth Part of Baptism

Answers to Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 31 (August 1-7)

SundayPsalm 147

1. The return from exile in Babylon and the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

2. He gathers the outcasts, heals the brokenhearted, and lifts up the humble.

3. Those who fear Him and hope in His steadfast love.

4. God’s Word which blesses our children and gives peace to our families.

Monday1 Samuel 7

1. The Israelites still had to learn proper reverence toward God’s holy things.

2. Repent.  Put away their foreign gods, turn to the LORD, and serve Him.

3. They left their false gods, confessed their sin, and cried out to the LORD.

4. The LORD defeated the Philistines, restored their land, and gave them peace.

Tuesday1 Samuel 8

1. Samuel was old, his sons ungodly, & they wanted to be like the other nations.

2. They were rejecting the LORD as their king and trusting in human rulers.

3. Take their sons, daughters, servants, and land for his benefit and tax them.

4. They refused to obey & demanded a king as other nations to fight their wars.

Wednesday1 Samuel 9             

1. A handsome man, a head taller than all, from the humble tribe of Benjamin.

2. Saul sought Samuel to find the whereabouts of his father’s donkeys.

3. To be their king, restrain them, and save them from the Philistines.

4. Samuel gave him the place of honor and a special portion at the meal table.

Thursday1 Samuel 10

1. Samuel anointed Saul’s head with oil.

2. The Spirit of the LORD came upon Saul, and he prophesied with the prophets.

3. Despite God’s deliverance from other nations, they rejected the LORD as king

4. Saul hid among the baggage, but God gave him men of valor at his side.

Friday1 Samuel 11

1. They planned to make them their servants and gouge out their right eye.

2. The Spirit of God rushed upon him when he heard of his people’s plight.

3. The LORD gathered the Israelite army under Saul & gave them a great victory

4. Saul spared their lives and reminded the people of the LORD’s salvation.

SaturdayJeremiah 33

1. Their defenses will be torn down and filled with dead bodies.

2. The LORD will bring health, healing, prosperity, security, restoration, cleansing of guilt, forgiveness of sin, mirth, gladness, singing, and thanksgiving.

3. Jesus Christ, whose people will be called “The LORD is our righteousness.”

4. That God will keep His promise that a Davidic King will rule over His people and that a High Priest shall intercede for them, that is Jesus Christ.

Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 30 (July 25-31)

SundayPsalm 145        LSB 726 – Evening and Morning

1. What does one generation teach the next about the LORD? v. 4-7

2. Because we are unrighteous, for what do we trust in the LORD? v. 8-9

3. How do verses 15 and 16 serve as a table prayer? v. 15-16

4. To whom is the LORD near to hear, save, and preserve? v. 18-20

Mon 1 Samuel 2     LSB 410 – Within the Father’s House

1. How did God bless Hannah for giving Samuel to serve the LORD? v. 18-21

2. How did Eli’s sons show disdain for the LORD and His house? v. 12-17, 22-25

3. What was Eli’s punishment for honoring his sons above God? v. 27-34

4. Like Samuel, who else grew in stature and favor with God and men? v. 26

Tuesday1 Samuel 3      LSB 589 – Speak, O Lord, Your Servant Listens

1. What was one way which God gave His Word to His prophets? v. 1, 10, 15

2. Why does the LORD punish Eli’s house? v. 13

3. How does Eli respond to the LORD’s Word through Samuel? v. 18

4. Even at a young age, what did the LORD call Samuel to be? v. 8-10, 19-21

Wednesday1 Samuel 4              LSB 948 – All Glory Be to God Alone

1. How do the Israelites try to manipulate God to bring them victory? v. 3-4

2. Whom do the Philistines fear and remember more than the Israelites? v.5-9

3. What grieves Eli more than the defeat of Israel & the death of his sons? v. 18

4. How did the glory depart from Israel? v. 19-22

Thursday1 Samuel 5   LSB 541 – “Away from Us!” the Demon Cried

1. What happened when the Philistines brought the ark to their temple? v. 1-5

2. What happened to the cities of Ashdod and Gath because of the ark? v. 6-9

3. What happened when the ark was sent to the city of Ekron? v. 10-12

4. What did the people of Ekron tell the Philistine lords to do? v. 11

Friday1 Samuel 6         LSB 475 – Good Christian Friends, Rejoice and Sing

1. What did the Philistine priests advise for returning the ark to Israel? v. 2-7

2. How would they know whether the plague was a coincidence? v. 8-9

3. What did the Israelites of Beth-shemesh do when the ark returned? v. 13-15

4. What happened to the Israelite men who looked inside the ark? v. 19

SaturdayJeremiah 31                 LSB 620 – Jesus Comes Today with Healing

1. How does “Rachel weeping for her children” anticipate Jesus’ birth? v. 15

2. What was the old covenant which the Israelites broke? v. 32

3. How will the new covenant be different from the old covenant? v. 33-34

4. When was the new covenant instituted? (Matthew 26:26-28)

This week, memorize & meditate on The Third Part of Baptism

Answers to Daily Meditation on the Old Testament – Week 30 (July 25-31)

SundayPsalm 145

1. The LORD’s mighty works, greatness, goodness, and righteousness.

2. His grace, mercy, steadfast love, and goodness to us.

3. We praise God that He gives food to all living things & satisfies their desire.

4. Those who call upon Him in truth, fear, and love.

Monday1 Samuel 2

1. Hannah conceived and bore three more sons and two daughters.

2. They stole God’s offering, slept with women, and disobeyed their father.

3. His sons would die the same die, and his house would be cut off.

4. Jesus Christ when he was a boy of twelve. (Luke 2:52)

Tuesday1 Samuel 3

1. God comes to the prophet and speaks His Word through a vision.

2. Eli knew that his sons were blaspheming God, but he failed to restrain them.

3. He accepts the LORD’s verdict and judgment as good.

4. His prophet to hear and speak His Word to His people.

Wednesday1 Samuel 4             

1. Without a Word from God, they carry the ark of the covenant into battle.

2. They fear the LORD and remember His mighty acts against the Egyptians.

3. The capture of the ark of God by the Philistines.

4. By the loss of the ark which was the visible sign of God’s covenant & presence

Thursday1 Samuel 5  

1. The image of their god Dagon fell before the ark with broken head & hands.

2. The LORD afflicted their people with terror and tumors.

3. The people cried out, the city panicked, & men died or were struck w/ tumors

4. Send the ark of the God of Israel back to its place lest it kill them.

Friday1 Samuel 6

1. To return it with a guilt offering of 5 golden tumors and 5 golden rats.

2. If the cows drawing the cart returned to Israel, the plague was from the LORD

3. They rejoiced and offered the cows and other burnt offerings to the LORD.

4. The LORD struck them dead because they were irreverent and not consecrated for service with the ark like the Levites.

SaturdayJeremiah 31

1. Rachel died in childbirth and was buried on the way to Bethlehem where mothers wept when Herod slew their children in an attempt to kill Jesus.

2. The covenant at Mt. Sinai based upon them keeping the 10 Commandments.

3. The new covenant is based upon the Gospel, God forgiving their sins.

4. When Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper for the forgiveness of sins.

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