3 R’s Campaign

The 3 R’s Campaign: Restore – Renew – Reach – at Trinity Darmstadt

The purpose of the 3 R’s Campaign is to provide our congregation members with an opportunity to give to the Lord a gift of thanksgiving for the legacy passed on to our congregation from Tad WollermLogoan.  While Tad bestowed this great gift in his death, we all have a chance to give a great gift in our life.  Our goal in the coming year is to raise an additional $215,000 and thereby increase the value of the Legacy Fund to $500,000 for the following work in God’s kingdom.

Mission             $  60,000 for local mission work                                           Reach

Ministry            $110,000 for beginning an early childhood ministry       Reach

Master Plan      $110,000 for completion of the new building                    Renew

Maintenance    $110,000 for repairing the parking lot                                Restore

M.E.F.                 $110,000 for a new digital organ                                          Renew


The 3 R’s Campaign Brochure