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December 8 – Pancake Breakfast

tables 2 tables

serving line serving chefs

serving beverages servers

clarinet quintet choir LR singing

choir & instruments -angled

November 19 – Operation Christmas Child

We thank all those who served in collecting, packing, and loading Christmas boxes for impoverished children in the world.  Our congregation served as the regional collection point for 17,315 boxes.  We especially thank Pastor and Sara Knea for organizing the effort.

OCC 2018 - 1

OCC 2018 - 2

October 31 – Trunk or Treat

Gym cafeteria

Knea family Elljean

Hazel Linda Sue

Smith family Linda servants

Sue Korff

October 21 – Loyalty Sunday

Loyalty 1 Loyalty 4

Loyalty 2 Loyalty 3

Rev. Michael Salemink (Executive Director of Lutherans for Life) with the Board of Stewardship (Valerie Eberhart and Cleoramae Stunkel)

October 7 – New Organ Dedication

Organ Dedication Organ

Organist Kevin Ellerbusch and wife Mary       Rodgers Inifinity 361 Digital Organ

October 1-6 – Fall Festival Booth

Fall Festival Workers

July 10-13 – Higher Things Youth Conference, SIU Carbondale

Higher Things 1  Higher Things 2

Higher Things 3  Higher Things 4

June 28 – Alton Reininga’s 100th Birthday

Alton 100

June 9 – Organ Demolition Crew

Thanks to all who helped with removing the organ pipes and components from the balcony in preparation for the new organ.

6-9-3  6-9-4

6-9-5  6-9-6



June 2 – Darmstadt Day

On June 2, our church hosted Darmstadt Day for our community.  Over 40 of our members served over 50 families and raised $700 from donations and from our country store for the Highland Challenger Baseball League for children with disabilities.  We offered free food, games, bounce houses, polka band, and an antique car show.  We thank all our members and sponsors who donated their time and materials.

6-2-1  6-2-2

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May 20 – Pentecost

On May 20, our church celebrated the festival of Pentecost with special music arranged for Divine Service IV from our organist, choir, bells, and musicians.  At the close of the service, we decommissioned our pipe organ with a final postlude “Song of Celebration”.  We especially thank our director of music, Jeff Sensmeier, organist Kevin Ellerbusch, bell director, Paula Reininga, and conductor, Dana Meyer for all their music preparation in making this a grand celebration for our congregation to worship our Lord.

Choir – Pastor Temme, Conductor Dana Meyer, Linda Sue Korff, Mary Ellerbusch, Karon Wathen, Sue Laughbaum, Ray Laughbaum, Linda Temme, Lois Temme, Jeff Sensmeier


Bell Choir – Jeff Sensmeier, Chanda Ramsey, Trisha Letterman, Valerie Eberhart, Liz Krietemeyer, Dottie Kahre, Diana Dunkelbarger, Paula Reininga, Linda Sue Korff, and Jonathan Temme

Bell Choir

Brass Players – Nic Brauer, Tim Zifer, Tom Hemenway, Kathy Parker, and Greg Downes, Organist Kevin Ellerbusch

Organist and Brass

Percussionists – Jennifer Bollerd, David King, Devyn Haas, and Ross Erickson

Percussionists - Jennifer Bollard, David King, Devyn Haas, Ross Erickson

Organist Kevin Ellerbusch and wife Mary

Organist Kevin Ellerbusch and wife Mary

Final Organ Postlude



Existing Pipe Organ Console