Adult Bible Study and Sunday School – 11am

  • How Christianity Changed the World (Pastor Temme)
  • Book of Ezra (Alan Letterman)

Bible Class Notes

How Christianity Changed the World by Elevating the Status of Women (PDF File)

Sunday School Opening

Zacchaeus - Slide 1

Who remembers the Sunday school song about Zacchaeus?

What do we know about Zacchaeus?  Tax collector, rich, short

What was he seeking? To see who Jesus was

How did he manage to see Jesus over the crowds?  Climbed a sycamore tree

Was this stunt have been proper for a rich tax official?  Hardly

How does Jesus greet Zacchaeus?  By name.  With mercy.  He invites himself to come into his house.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.”

What was Zacchaeus’ response?  He received Jesus joyfully.

Zacchaeus - Slide 2

How did the crowds react to Jesus’ action?  They grumbled

How did the people regard tax collectors?  As traitors, cheats, sinners

How does Zacchaeus show his repentance?  He gives half his goods to the poor and restores those he has cheated fourfold.

What did the Law normally require for restitution?  Twice the amount lost

How does Jesus absolve Zacchaeus?  He tells him that he has salvation as a member of his kingdom.

What did Jesus come to do?  Seek and save the lost.

How are we sometimes like the crowds?  We begrudge God’s grace to sinners

How are we sometimes like Zacchaeus?  We steal from our neighbor.  We repent by turning to Jesus for forgiveness and making restitution to our neighbor.

How are we like Jesus?  We show mercy to sinners and absolve the repentant.

Thursday Morning Class


  • Ladies Bible Study 9:30am Thusday, September through May
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Saturday Morning Class

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  • LLL Men’s Breakfast and Bible study at 8:30am the first Saturday of the month, September through May

Youth Confirmation

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Adult Confirmation


Understanding the Bible and God’s Plan for You

  • Adult Information Class offered upon request at convenience of the students

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